Questing with the Cultural REcyclists


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Thursday!

Most Glorious Thursday to all! In two days it will be Christmas, which was astronomically as well as spiritually significant according to Bethlehem Star, and two days ago was the Winter Solstice and a full Lunar Eclipse, another very rare event that the US Naval Observatory says hasn't happened since 1638 (Washington Post Article). And what day is in between these two cosmic events? A Happy Thursday. [for more details, Google "Happy Thursday PSU" and read Daily Collegian articles or visit Facebook page]

In other news, Charlie has been experimenting with another website builder. Here's what he's got so far:

I'm off to help construct a new fence for my cousin, Julie. Until next time...

Spread good tidings to all and don't forget that it is OK, and encouraged, to wish strangers/friends a Happy Thursday.

Peace and Love,

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Santa Barbara for the Holiday(s)

Hey everybody! Happy Saturday and Merry Holidays. I, Will, am in Santa Barbara right now staying with a distant branch of my loving family. It's a great time to be alive because life is awesome. Even though tough times are abundant (i said life is awesome, not easy) I am grateful for my health, the experience of meeting new people, and the opportunity to strengthen my individuality while the rest of the Recyclists are in other parts of the Nation.

Speaking of the other Recyclists...

The Holiday Low Down:
Amanda - Home for the Holidays, returning to San Fran Jan 5, 2011; cycling to Santa Barbara upon return
Charlie - Staying in San Fran until Amanda returns
Chris - Recuperating in Kansas with his parents until Spring
Kevin - Home for the Holidays, as of now no significant touring until Spring
Moss - Meditation retreat from Dec 19 to 29. Leaving San Fran with Charlie and Amanda
Tina - Home for the Holidays, organizing projects in State College, PA and in hometown West Chester, PA
Will - Santa Barbara until Amanda, Charlie, and Moss bicycle down here. Then south to San Diego

That's all for now. Check back in a couple days for updates and tales of adventure!