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Monday, June 14, 2010

Craziness on the C + O

Day 8, Cumberland, Maryland.
What a trip it's been! In less than a week I feel that we've already experienced enough to write a book! A couple days ago we rolled into Frederick, Maryland with quite a bit of stress on our backs. We got pulled over on a highway we weren't supposed to be on and Amanda simultaneously blew a flat, pretty much guaranteeing we wouldn't make to our campsite that night. It's always in these situations, however, that miracles seem to happen. Tina and I went looking for a motel to stay in that night. I came back with a $70 room. Tina came back with a house! Not just any house. As it turned out, two older folks named Kevin and Gladden had been waiting on their back porch for the arrival of two cyclists biking across America. They had never housed any cyclists before, and on this very day another group of cyclists shows up at their door. Talk about coincidence. So we hung out with them, partied in their hot tub, got ourselves some good food and showers and met the two cyclists with whom we'd be biking the next two days. Their names were Paul and Adam, two awesome guys riding to support their charity, Bike Free ( The next morning we rode with them through Williamsport and got onto the C + O canal bike trail, an absolutely beautiful trail bordering the Potomac River. We spent the next night in Hancock in a hostel behind a bike shop, and the next along the trail, on a 12 foot high ledge supporting an abandoned bridge. Many details in between, too many to share with the hour time limit I've been given on this computer, so until next time, LIVE SPONTANEOUSLY!

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  1. Sounds awesome! In the YouTube video you mentioned pictures being posted; where can we find those?