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Monday, November 8, 2010

Cultural REcyclists celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the Climate Justice fast!

November 6, 2010
Happy Saturday!

One year ago today, I went on a hunger strike for a fair, ambitious, and binding global treaty focused on Climate Change with the(Climate Justice Fast).

Today I am fasting once again for the anniversary. Although no global treaty was created last year in Copenhagen, the global grassroots movement became more self-sufficient and sustainable; it grew larger, stronger, and more powerful.

I have been biking across America this summer with the(Cultural REcyclists) to explore sustainability. We have been meeting and networking with people, who are taking action now to lessen their dependence on foreign or distant resources. So far today, I have biked 30 miles drinking only water, and I feel awesome! Due to some crazy storm conditions on the Oregon coast I might be camping in Gold Beach, OR.

This bicycle trip and the Climate Justice Fast have shown me how far I can push my physical body if my mind is solid. Although it may seem the world is falling apart. There is always a brighter future if we can imagine it.

Please open your imagination and help create a wonderful world we can all live in full of joy and abundance.

Thanks! Peace! Love!

Tina Berry

Check out this Video of Satan & Tina Berry:

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