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Saturday, November 20, 2010

May Peace Prevail On Earth

(I (Kevin) will be telling this story, since I was the main character of this incident.)
We (Will, Amanda, Charlie, Anjel, and myself (Tina is a town ahead)) left Garberville, California around noon. There was a very light drizzle coming from the clouds and we started climbing a hill on our bicycles. We were traveling on the 101 Highway going south. The five of us were riding a bit spread out, but all within a half mile of each other.
I was going over some thoughts in my head about plans for the winter. I gave my daily thanks for all the amazing people and experiences I have on a daily basis. I also have a semi-spiritual practice of thinking about death and impermanence, which I do almost daily. I said to myself, “Today is a good day to die.” In saying this I feel at peace with my current life and the possibility of it disappearing. Little did I know that I would have a direct test of this practice in the next five minutes.
I was cruising along about two feet to the right of the shoulder line. I have become completely acclimated to cars whizzing by, so I don't flinch when I hear them. BOOOM! Time stood still. I saw a luminescent white light which engulfed me very briefly. Then I looked up from the ground. I knew I was about to die. I saw Charlie jogging over, but it was in slow motion. I was in a complete state of peace. I said to Charlie, “Tell everyone I love them. Its all good.” He was in shock. I literally felt like I was just a raindrop merging with a vast ocean. I said smiling, “Put all my money into buying people Eckhart Tolle books. That's all I want.”
A bit of time passed, and I looked down at my body and saw that I could wiggle my toes. “Wait I'm not dead?,” I thought. I immediately started sending chi (life-force energy) throughout my body. I learned from Eastern medicine that the faster you send chi to an injury, the better the chance it has to heal. More people came over and huddled around me, and I asked them all to please send chi to my body. The woman who was driving the car which struck me came over to me. She was hysterical, and apologizing. I was still in a state of peace. I told her, “It's OK, please don't worry, just send me good energy.” I gave her several hugs while laying on the ground.
I could feel that my body was injured, but I didn't interpret it as pain. The paramedics showed up and asked me, “What's your biggest complaint?” I said smiling, “Well my book hasn't been published yet.”
I glanced down and saw that my knees were covered in blood. It seemed like my knees took most of the impact. I continued to send chi throughout my body,was “Om”-ing, and my friends did the same. I feel that this practice (similar to Reiki) vastly reduced my injuries. I had a copy of A New Earth By Eckhart Tolle amongst my gear and it had landed nearby. Will read a little excerpt to me and everyone and that helped me feel more relaxed amidst this chaotic seen. The paramedics then took me on a stretcher to the ER.
I got checked out by some nurses and a doctor and they bandaged my knees. Instead of getting immediately stitched up, I requested that I first meditate for an hour or so to heal myself from the inside out. My friends arrived a bit later and did some massage and energy work on my injured body. Up to this point I had not cried at all and was just feeling happy to be alive, and so wishing everyone a happy Thursday. As my friends gave me tender loving care, I was overwhelmed by a wave of emotion. My whole body began vibrating intensely. What came next was an extremely profound experience.
I thought of how I could literally be gone from this world right now. I thought of all the silly things we worry and stress about, and how futile they all are. I became keenly aware of the immense suffering currently on this planet. I felt the truth of the teachings in Eckhart Tolle's books and also in The Ascent of Humanity by Charles Eisenstein. I cannot describe these truths here in this blog, but I feel it is my duty on this planet to share them. Both authors write and speak of “the more beautiful world our hearts tell us is possible.” While laying in bed I viscerally felt that a more beautiful world is indeed possible, and we are the ones who will create it. I believe that this is happening through a transformation in human consciousness. I simultaneously felt the profound beauty of all life on Earth as well as the intense suffering of so many beings on this planet.
Directly after being struck by the car, I told Charlie to put all my money into sharing books like these, because that is what I believe to be truly important, not all the frivolous distractions and worries which drain so much of our time and energy. I felt the wrongness of western culture which has gotten completely confused on what is important in life.
Western culture values profit over people, products over natural spaces, and money over well-being. I saw that this is not how life has to be. At the peak of this experience I felt like a bubble of pure energy. I kept repeating "May peace prevail on Earth." After returning into my normal state I feel the only thing worth doing is to work for peace.
I believe that two ways towards peace are the books I mentioned:The Ascent of Humanity is available free online in audio and text at . Eckhart Tolle's books are in most bookstores.
As far as my health goes, I have no broken bones, and I have been walking around today, and will be at full health in a couple of weeks. I am very grateful to still have the gift of life. Thanks for reading, and please cherish the wonderful gift of life that you have every moment of every day. Peace, Kevin


  1. You are, as always, an inspiration and light of hope, Kevin.

    Can't wait to see you again - there is much work to be done!

  2. Dear Kevin,
    So happy it wasn't "a good day to die" for you yet! I too was hit by a car bicycling (hence my bum ankle), but didn't have nearly as good of attitude as you in the aftermath). May you travel in safety and with as much positive energy as usual. We'll miss you this thanksgiving, but know you will be here in spirit.
    love, aunt annie

  3. Kevin, Thanks for the great reflections. I celebrate your continued breath in this world and the encounter which has delivered you to a new state of awareness. Encountering the truth of death as a regular interior practice is an exercise that the great masters throughout all time have rehearsed. You have chosen a special path. Your bicycle has delivered you to a current manifestation of this path. I am uplifted that you have seen through to the truth and significance of this important experience. As you know, there are no "accidents" in life. Today is a good day to die. But, The Great Orchestrator has chosen to keep you around for another day. Here is my message to you. This year has been a great and necessary experience for you. The bicycle and the journey and the encounters and the quest to save the environment and Eckart Tolle have delivered to you the messages you were supposed to receive. Today is a good day to die. But, you are not dead. The world is screwed up (and always will be) and you are not going to fix it (you are impotent to do so) but, spend your remaining life energy, the pure gift that it is, fixing it (knowing it cannot be fixed), is what you are supposed to do. Do something. Invest your death in doing that which cannot be done; but must be done. Do it now. Your youth and your belief and your zeal are a gift that must be used. Use it all. But to make a difference you have to play the game. That's right! You have to go back and get the education and get the tickets to play in the game (without the tickets you are an "outsider" and cannot play) - you can only be "right" and "pissed off": but not effective. Barack Obama got the tickets. He now has permission to play the game and be on the field - (yes, he is getting the shit kicked out of him), but; he is on the field. He is a worthy current example. You have all of the youth and smarts and depth to make a difference in this fucked up world; but, you have to get the tickets to play if you really wish to make a difference. The bicycle ride is good (for you) but, it is not enough. A lot more is required. Go for it. You have the stuff. This accident was not an accident. You now have a little time to stop and rest and reflect. Therefore, I am communicating with you. The next choices you make are critical. Only you can choose them and only you know the path you are about to take. But, there are not many options; there is one. Choose it well. A lot is at stake. I am your biggest fan. I know well that you have the critical element that, at this stage, I do not have: time. Choose well.

    Everything depends on this clarity and this choice.

    I love you.

    Uncle Michael

  4. I navigated here after watching a video of the group on THANK YOU. Time to check out the books!

    ?Earth care?